IT Staffing Services


IT Solution Services

We ensure quality in finding the top talent to meet your specific needs. We present to you a list of the best candidates that will meet your requirements. An IT staffing partner with in-depth knowledge of your target market can help you improve your competitive advantage and find the right offer for the right candidate.

If you are under pressure to do more with less, Analytic Era can help to increase IT staffing solutions and skills required to achieve your business outcomes. Our technical experts will help you to complete your technical engagements. Analytic Era believes that your company's ideals and values are a direct reflection of your work culture.

Contract Staffing

Contract staff means hiring highly qualified talent with minimum commitments on a per-project basis. Contract Staffing can help you find the perfect and reliable candidate for a temporary on-projects.

Benefits of Hiring Contract Staffing

  • Evaluate Talent
  • Protect your Workforce
  • Gain Access to Niche Skills
  • Focus on your Core Business
  • Excellence in Workforce Management
  • It Saves Money

Permanent staffing

Permanent staffing is the process of providing candidates with the long-term employment required based on specific candidate factors. Clients require a member of staff who will work with them on a permanent employment contract.

Benefits of Hiring Permanent Staffing

  • Culture & Loyalty
  • Longevity
  • Advancement & Business Growth
  • Strong team

Why Choose Analytic Era as Your IT Soultion Agency?

  • One of the best IT staffing and consulting companies with 6 years of experience.
  • Commitment to quality.
  • Client satisfaction and retention in IT staffing.
  • Financially stable and secure organization.
  • Proven methodologies.

Analytic Era always has time to listen and understand our clients’ needs and people’s career aspirations. We enable you to achieve and optimize the most strategic and variable component to your business success. We are proud to say that Analytic Era is the leading IT staffing company in 2021.